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Hello, World!

By Paul Hofmann

Paul is Director of Engineering at AUTO1 Group.

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Social Jun 1 2018

"Hello, World!"

This is our first blog post. There must be millions of blogs that started exactly like this. And there must be millions of engineers, Tech enthusiasts, computer scientists, script kids, “soon to be hackers”, and curious people out there who typed these virtually legendary words into their development environments, just to see them printed on screen seconds later.

We’re smilingly shaking hands with tradition. While we have been more on the introverted side of things for the past five years, focussing on building a platform that is the cornerstone of a multi-billion Euro business, we're proud of the culture and stack we have been building and want to use this channel to open ourselves up from now on.

We print "Hello, World!"

And pass the blinking cursor to our editorial team.

Yours truly,

The AUTO1 Group Tech Department.

Blinking Cursor

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