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DevoxxUA was awesome!

By Ivan Kozlov

Ivan is the senior team lead of the AUTO1 Group Kiev engineering office.

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Engineering Dec 5 2019

Devoxx, formerly known as JavaPolis, is an international community conference which first took place in 2001 in Belgium. Since then it has developed into one of the largest Java events in Europe, with chapters in Belgium, France, UK, Poland and Ukraine, as well as an established conference in Morocco.

Among the speakers at DevoxxUA (Devoxx Ukraine) 2019 I’d like to mention Josh Long, the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal and Cay Horstmann (yes, that’s him, the author of “Core Java”, “Big Java” and other great books). I got a chance to participate as a speaker on the second day of the conference, delivering a presentation on one of our latest solutions for implementing GraphQL with authorization in a microservice architecture. Was very excited to see that the talk got the highest amount of participants for that time slot and the room was packed, including people standing on their feet for the entire duration of my presentation!


All in all, it was a great experience of sharing what & how we’ve built while getting valuable feedback and interesting questions. Have to say it felt incredible to stand on stage next to all the stars of the engineering world, during the closing ceremony of the conference!


Here's my entire talk: